Embrace Boldness With Victorian Room Designs

  • penned by AL

Over embellished rooms brandishing styles of the Victorian Room Designs are meant to surprise and delight.

You find yourself reliving the boldness of the period, still alive today, by using these Victorian cottage ideas.

Now let's really use our imaginations and talk Victorian Rooms!...

Pick a room and we'll see just how bold we can go...

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room

Rooms Overflowing

Walking into a Victorian Bedroom is an experience in itself...the bedding, the curtains, the lace and ruffles all explode in a beautiful arrangement of exquisite decor!

There in the corner is a lavish dressing table welcoming you with a tufted claw foot chair.

And there on the wall, your favorite tapestry or perhaps gilded wall paper...your choice.

The Victorian Kitchen is more on the meager side as the hired help took care of all the preparing and cooking in larger homes...but in a small cottage it would be small, clean and bountiful.

Choose some baskets on the wall or hanging from the ceiling to hold your bounty.

Elaborate hooks to hold pots and pans and maybe a beautiful wooden dish drainer.

The Victorian Living Room can still be bold even in small cottage living.

A fireplace of course and fine furniture in a stylish, fancy, flamboyant design.

Plush rugs, bold wall coverings or perhaps, once again the hanging tapestry. There are so many choices.

Bathroom...What bathroom?

Chamber pots were in use until the mid 20th century...believe it or not! They weren't displaced by indoor toilets until the 19th century but hung around a while, in some countries anyway.

Well, we're not going to use a chamber pot in our cottage but I thought that was an interesting piece of history...

Anyway, your Victorian Bathroom can of course have a real toilet and certainly some fancy embellishments. Lots of white with gold trim...maybe lacy shower curtains and plush towels.

Queen Victoria Would Have Been Proud!

Even though Victorian Room Designs were influenced by Queen Victoria herself, I don't think she would object to us using some of those exciting designs in our comfortable cottage.

After all, comfort is really the key word here to all our designing and Queen Victoria lived very comfortably indeed!

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