The Crafty Doll Cottage

Dolls are for everyone, men and women love them and kids really love them.

Making them is especially fun, since I was young I have made some kind of doll , fabric is my medium of choice.

To start a doll I make a wire frame, pad it with some fiber fill and fabric and then a better fabric as the skin.

Here are some of the dolls I have made .

This is the Egyptian Queen dressed in her sheer linen garments and queenly acutraments

Two brothers the hands,feet,and head are made from wax and the remainder of the bodies are cloth on a wire armature.

Madonna and child are both cloth on a wire frame.

Lovely Liz is the epitomy of Fashion in this silk Satin Gown.

Granny is a portrait doll, a likeness of someone in this case it's my Grandmother. She is carrying some kitten's in her apron, I once witnessed this very thing happening when I was a young girl. I entered this doll in a doll show and she won a prize.

A mermaid named Shelly, the fabric of the tail fin is what inspired me to do this doll, it looked like possible fins.

As you can see I don't stick to one time period of style any thing that inspires me is what I go with at the time.

Dolls go back so far it's hard to say when it all started, in every culture around the world there is a doll for that place. There is a doll for every ethnic group,every religion,every reason and even voodoo dolls. Don't let me forget the zombies!

Why dolls? 

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