The Steampunk Room Design Is Unique In Itself

Steampunk Room Design can be described as having twists and turns of all descriptions; taking us through history and back again.

It's chock full of pipes and gears and all manner of mechanical distinction.

Each room has it's own flavor of history and you can experiment as much as you like...with colors, paint, paper, wall name it!

Lets's just look at some of these rooms...Oh! Yeah!...Don't forget your goggles!

Just click on the room you want to travel to and we'll see what we can get up to...

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room

"Pipes & Gears"

Just by using some budget decorating ideas, your Steampunk room design will come to life and your bathroom can have lots of character. You might want to start with an interesting floor covering or perhaps just a unique shower curtain.

Do you have a window in the bathroom? Pick your window design based on where the window will have to be treated differently if it's over the tub, like mine. I had kind of a dilemma because the window is wide but short.

I wound up taking a curtain I had and cutting the top off, the length of the window, from top to sill. Then I put curtains rings in the holes and put it up with a spring rod...perfect...waterproof, sturdy and eye proof.

And those pipes under the sink, if you have a pedestal, can be shined or painted.

The same goes for the kitchen...don't put anything flammable over a window that's over a stove...

I know that sounds odd but my window is over my stove...I don't know why but ideas are limited here.

Be that as it have pipes here too!...decorate accordingly...and have plenty of gadgets on display, especially from the turn of the century.

The living room will be a place for reading and writing maybe...lots of books and maybe some board games...Set one on a side table to pique someone's interest.

Howard Dickins clock

Also, try a clock with it's works showing...or one that has a simple gear design.

The soft glow of a fireplace or old stove gives off an appealing atmosphere...leading to some comfortable furniture to help you wile away your restful hours.

Window coverings here can be on the dark side...try velvet or brocade. Perhaps some sheers that match or maybe no window coverings at all. You can go with shutters or blinds or even fancy shades.

Steampunk room design can be similar to Gothic but be's really not as dark

Photo taken by Howard Dickins

Now the bedroom can be a Victorian style...once again, velvet or chenille bedspread.

You can go with a four poster bed with a canopy if you like...don't forget, the industrial revolution started in the 1700's. They didn't know then that Steampunk room design was going to develop with all their crazy inventions.

See if you can find some nifty lamps that exude the steampunk bronze or steel and don't forget the Edison lightbulbs.

Lay Down Tracks

Don't ever think that you don't have good ideas!...So many times I have doubted myself and left an idea on the shelf...

Then all of a sudden I see someone else using my idea...Know what I mean? So, trust your first instincts and use those ideas in your head...I know they're great!

Don't be afraid to experiment with color...just make a plan that you can follow and lead all your design to your scheme. It will all fall into place if you get all your decorating ideas and items together.

Cottage living can be such a blast and you can have the greatest Steampunk cottage! Forge ahead with your ideas and you won't believe what you can do! If you need help, just ask...We're here for you!

"Okay...Do You Really Have A Steampunk Cottage?"

Hey now!...Do you have or live in a Steampunk Cottage? Are you designing it by yourself and Handcrafting as you go along?
Please, Please share your story or pictures...
We'd LOVE to hear about it and see some great pics...
Feel free to submit a Story or just Pictures if you like...We Can't wait To Hear From You!

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