"Steampunk Cottage Style?" "Really?"

  • penned by AL

What is Steampunk anyway? Let alone Steampunk Cottage Style?...Never heard of it?

Well, my son sure has and he's decking out his small cottage into a Steampunk cottage style all his own!

He's a terrific artist and has some spectacular ideas! Here's a crazy Steampunk hat he made...I love it!

I'll be adding pictures as soon as he shares with me.

Steampunk seems to be the new phenomenon these days...Turn of the century style seems to be of great interest and the latest craze!.

"Where Do We Go From Here?"

The Steampunk cottage style may seem a little daunting at first but stay with me...all you need is to think of what you want in each room...

There are ideas in abundance throughout these pages so check out the Steampunk pages in the sitemap...

I'm sure you must be interested in the Steampunk cottge style or you wouldn't be visiting here...let your mind wander and think of days gone by.

Steampunk is an eclectic collection of old day styles with lots of pipes and metal...it was of the time of the steam engine and the power of it!

The Last Spike, by Thomas Hill, (1881)

The Industrial Revolution ran from the late 1700's through the 1900's...that's over 300 years of inventions just popping up here and there...and changing the world!

Of course there was a lot more going on than just inventions but that's history for another day.

Photo by:frans16611

It was the time of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Rudolph Diesel, Samuel Morse...Just to name a few...and I bet you can tell the invention of each of these contributors, just by their name!

It was a glorious time and the world was changing so quickly, there was hardly time to think about one new device when something else came along.

"So...You've Decided To Do It!"

Well, that's great, now you just have to prepare yourself for a fantastic ride...Collecting Steampunk goodies will be such fun and so rewarding.

You'll be learning a little history as you go on your quest for articles for your new Steampunk cottage style.

You will find lots of booty at your local flea markets and don't forget to stop at garage and yard sales.

Antique stores will surely have items you covet but they will be a little pricey for sure.

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