Faded Elegance Of The Shabby Chic Cottage

  • penned by RF

The Shabby Chic Cottage is very eclectic and has a charm all its own, old and faded in it's style.

Rachel Ashwell coined the phrase "Shabby Chic" and the rest is history.

The beauty of Shabby Chic is the imperfection and time worn appearance of the furnishings. Furnishings with small bits of paint peeling off only add to the charm.

In the Shabby Chic Cottage they evoke a sense of comfort and allure that many people find very appealing.

The cozy style and comfort of cottage living are undeniable and that is true of the Shabby Chic Cottage as well.

With a little help, you could be sitting on a fine sofa covered with the most lovely floral design boasting roses aplenty while you rest in your dreamy cottage with your feet up.

Time Worn Appeal

The palate of soft shades of cream and pinks, celadon, teal and pale sky blue add to the cozy effortless style.

Old trunks with faded fabric linings, slightly rusted chandeliers and roses from your garden.

Then again you can find the most perfect and lovely sample hidden away in a box, antique shop or tag sale. It doesn't happen very often but I have found such treasures myself.

Beautiful floral linens that are faded to perfection are a joy to behold and there are so many fabulous creations inspired by them.

All these things can be incorporated into the design of a Shabby Chic Cottage.

White Wash And Wicker

A little paint on an object turns it into Shabby Chic right away. A dab of pink, a dab of white and an old dresser is a sight to see.

No big refurbishing here, those little dings and nicks add just the right touch. Look for cheap decorating ideas and you can't go wrong decorating your small house.

With its eclectic nature any object has shabby potential. If you are a do it yourself type of person there are endless possibilities and with a little guidance you can enjoy the process.

There is great satisfaction in creating things yourself. Things that you will cherish in your home for a long time. Have you purchased a sisal rug? Well, it lends itself to stenciling very nicely.

Shabby Chic Style is quite amenable to the small house and all these influences can create a beautiful start to your Shabby Chic Cottage.

Do You Have A Beloved Heirloom?

An old piece of lace perhaps? Some of the most beautiful lace is old and limp but can be a treasure to someone interested in Shabby Chic.

Worn and possibly torn, with love, can be restored.

Add a touch of the unexpected, a beloved channel back chair that was my Grand mothers now has a place of honor in my kitchen. It was my favorite chair to sit on when I would visit her.

Having that chair in my home, in my kitchen brings back wonderful memories. It sparks things that I have forgotten over the years.

For instance, if I was staying at her home I would go to the furnace room with her to put coal in the furnace.

Grand mother lived in a 5 family apartment house and the furnace room was all the way downstairs, in the basement. I remember how cold and dark it was. We actually had to shovel coal into the furnace to get heat. What an experience!

I remember her hanging the wet clothes outside her window like so many others in the late 50's.

All this from that little chair...Now, do you have something to make memories from?

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