Romantic Bathrooms Are The Ultimate Retreat

  • penned by AL

The Romantic bathroom is indeed a well deserved refuge. It has the power to fulfill your need to relax when you need it.

But don't be fooled! will also serve as a place to handle your daily routine. Don't forget, in your small cottage you have limited space.

Light It Up!

Having the right lighting, for the right task, is essential. Are you romantically inclined this evening? Then do with some sultry lighting to set the mood.

Did you know you can tint your lighting to produce a certain atmosphere?...You can create that certain glow in the room to please your senses.

Of course you need practical lighting for your everyday habits but it will all come together if set up right.

The small, Romantic bathroom doesn't need a lot of illumination, keep it simple but pleasing.

The Nose Knows!

One thing Romantics never forget is the aromatics and music that go along with a romantic bath. They arouse the senses and clear the mind.

Aromatherapy is used widely in all types of salons, even my nail salon uses them.

They have a lovely pedestal bowl in the center of the room, it releases an aromatic steam into the air; which carries a lovely fragrance all around.

Small candles, reed diffusers, potpourri or even scented oils can be used...out of the way, of course...what a difference it makes in the way you feel!

Bring out your body washes, soaps and bath oils, especially if you have a deep, soaking tub! These things keep the bath smelling great even long after you exit.

red soaking tub

Photo courtesy of :

You can even use a favorite scent
in the rinse cycle on
your towels, just for the Romantic bathroom!

Towels, hand towels and wash clothes...The bathroom air will smell lovely all the time.

rose bouquet

Hey!...Let's not forget the use of real flowers...

A fragrant bouquet of Roses or Gardenias creates a lasting scent for the Romantic bathroom.

It doesn't have to be a large bouquet...something small will do, even small flowers smell good.

How lovely is that? And they look beautiful as well!

We've Got You Covered!

Of course you'll have tile on the floor...most likely ceramic in a lovely design but you do need rugs. Plush throw rugs for that luxurious feeling when stepping out of the bath or shower.

Even a plush bath mat...they have them you know...really plush but a little on the pricey side for my taste.

We want to try and stick to a budget here...unless of course you don't have one...Bonus! But, if you prefer not to put down throw rugs, bath mats might fit the bill.

You could always go for the full, wall to wall carpet thing but I'm not too crazy about that in a bathroom.

Wall to wall carpet just seems to look used too soon after being placed and unless you can take it up, wash and fluff it...I wouldn't go there.

The Walls Have It!

Okay...So believe it or not...there IS a Scratch & Sniff Wallpaper!...

Yes, and it was designed by the New York based designer, hairdresser and photographer Michael Angelo.

It's called the 'fruit cocktail collection' and is produced by flavor paper, a New Orleans based wallpaper producer.

Who knew? and What next?

If you look you can find anything on the market to fill your fantasies. Your Romantic bathroom can be a work of art that is classical or way out there!

Don't Forget Your

Room Planner!

Even if you choose to paint your walls instead of paper the choices are endless...

Just be sure that you paint soft colors in a small area...they are more pleasing to the eye and bring more comfort.

Tiles, such as ceramics, are a lovely choice for accents on the walls. Or, perhaps you may choose a half wall of ceramic tile in a favored design.

You may even choose to design a wall yourself with a mosaic pattern.

Once again, the choices are endless and you will have a big decision to make.

Don't give yourself so many choices though; be it paint, paper, tiles or whatever, pick your favorites first.

By that I mean, the ones that strike you right away, then eliminate the others. This will give you a sensible amount of choices.

Just remember, whatever you choose, whatever path you take...

Your Romantic bathroom will be your own and very Romantic indeed!

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