"So, What Paint Type Are You?"

  • penned by RF

With so many paint types and grades out there, I bet you don't even want to go to the paint store because this is what you'll find...

Satin, eggshell, latex, oil, semi-gloss, high-gloss matte finishes...Low, Medium or High grade?...but fear not, it won't be that difficult.

First, let's choose a paint grade...All paint is not the same and there are really only three grades; Low, Medium and High grade. Easy, right?

Well, since paint will always be the least expensive decorating choice out there, you should go with the higher grade paint.

High grade paint has better coverage over all the rest and the application will be much smoother. Now, let's tackle the type of paint you should choose.

Latex Or Oil Paint Type?

Yes, there are many types of paint and you want to choose the best one for your project. Here are some to choose from.

Latex based paint would be the choice for interior painting. The cleanup is much easier than any other paint type.

High grade latex paint has excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces including: wood, masonry, aluminum siding, and vinyl siding.

paint bucket roller-cartoon

Latex paint has a few different sheens, in other words, one type is flat/matte with no sheen at all. This type is good for ceilings where there is no reflection and therefore you wouldn't notice some distortions in the ceiling.

The next paint type is eggshell; this has a very slight sheen that's good for all walls. I recommend this for all room applications with few exceptions.

Satin has more of a shine and is great for kids rooms and bathrooms. It cleans up nicely if something gets on it and the colors look great. Satin is a good all around paint type for rooms that will be really lived in.

If you are planning on a faux finish satin and eggshell are very good base coats when used before the glaze goes on.

Semi-gloss paint is pretty much like it sounds, not too shiny. It's great for woodwork and doors if real shiny is not for you, otherwise you would go with high-gloss.

It's by far the shiniest of all the paint and great for all woodwork, cabinets, windows and doors. It cleans up well and the shine lasts a long time.

paint bucket drip-cartoon

Oil-based paints are still around and they do have their advantages but without the proper preparation, oil-based paint can be very messy.

The clean up itself requires non-biodegradable solvents that must be disposed of properly.

Most home owners would do best to use a very good, high quality latex paint for exterior and interior.

So, your choice to use oil-based or latex based paint is certainly a personal choice, just think about it before you choose.

"Yikes! Get me out of here!"

Oh no!...you're not going anywhere yet! Next you have to figure out how much paint you need to do the job.

Didn't think of that, huh? Well, it's not hard to determine even if you're not good at math.

To calculate the amount of paint needed to do a whole room you must measure the distance around the room, add your figures together and you will have the perimeter.

If the room measures 8 feet high just calculate: perimeter x height..that will give you your square footage.

A normal gallon of paint will cover around 300 square feet. You can easily figure the amount of gallons you will need.

paint bucket brush-cartoon

Always buy a little more paint if you are going to paint shelves or other items in the room.

It is a good idea to have some left over paint in case of spills or touch-ups at some point in the future.

Buy the right amount of custom paint because custom-mixed paint will vary from batch to batch. You don't want to get caught short, so make sure you purchase the correct amount.

You'll be glad you did.

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