Gothic Living Rooms Dare You To Come In!

With their dark, eerie appeal, Gothic living rooms are of a haunting design.

Daring you to step inside and partake of the luxuries of plush rugs and deep, dark colors.

But don't'll be safe in our 21st century Inner Sanctum with all the trimmings!

"Come Into My Parlor..." said the Spider

Old, dark, heavy furniture...pine, oak, walnut...take your pick...comfortable couches and chairs with thick legs and arms and sometimes intricate in design. Sit and be welcomed.

Gothic Arch Fireplace 1

A beautiful cozy fireplace, perhaps of stone with slate or dark oak mantle. A hearth with cast iron or brass accents and firescreen.

Don't forget the plush throw rug right in front of it...for those chilly nights!

designs by

Candles and incense make nice accents as well as creating a nice atmosphere...

Add a touch of skulls and/or gargoyles and your effect is complete.

Tapestries are a nice touch also and come in some beautiful designs...they can really make a statement if you want something different.

Shop Till You Go Batty...

Your opportunity to use budget decorating for the Gothic living room is at hand. What finds there are at flea markets and yard/garage sales in this genre.

You can find many styles and colors of drapes, frames, name it!

What enjoyment there is in styling your Gothic walls and windows.

Beautiful blood red or black draperies spilling on the floor for such a dramatic effect. Made of velvet or brocade with heavy tassel pull backs.

Add a bit of lace or sheers behind the heavy drapes for an added depth.

If Walls Could Talk!

Have fun with the wall designs and don't forget your plan...get your colors right so that they blend with the surrounding drapes and accessories.

Go for some fun frames, mirrors or clocks with that dark, eerie appeal...use a few or use them all, whatever works for you.

Sconces can also be very dramatic and come in some interesting shapes and designs. I see them all the time at garage sales!

Don't forget the wall stencils or stickers, they can add a really cool effect, add some words of wisdom...or just plain hide a defect...for instance:

once upon a time sticker

This sticker is above my living room T.V...I put it there because the wall is not even...after installation the T.V. looked crooked but was really level.

I had to do something to trick the eye...and this worked...I put it up so you think everything is level!

These kind of tricks can be incorporated all over the house...after all, old cottages are always off kilter.

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