Gothic Kitchens Sizzle!

  • penned by AL

When it's mealtime, Gothic Kitchens can create such excitement.

After all, there's nowhere else where it's so much fun to wield a knife!

But, here we do fix plenty of healthy and enjoyable meals and we do use the right tools for the job!

knife left

You may not be an expert at wielding that knife to slice and dice but in the Gothic kitchen you will be very motivated to do so.

Here you may find the oldest of cooking implements, such as cast iron pots and pans...just what you need to make your foods sizzle!

I have found that many people get frustrated with cooking in cast iron as they don't know how to use it...that's why you can find them available at garage and yard sales.

All it takes is a little care...properly maintained, a cast iron skillet can last a lifetime. The surfaces of the pans must be oiled frequently to season the surface and cleaned immediately after use.

Of course, have plenty of sharp knives and utensils for all your kitchen duties. Plates and cups will be easy to acquire in black or deep colors of your choosing.

Glassware can be obtained at yard and garage sales anytime...try estate sales for more ornate glass and you will probably find full sets.

Heavy wine glasses or mugs are an easy find and display them in open cabinets or glass door cabinets. Wouldn't stained glass doors look terrific on your cabinets?

I've even seen cabinets designed to look like coffins...go figure!

Keep It In The Black!

You may also find, in your Gothic kitchen, many herbs neatly wrapped in twine and drying in bundles by the ornate stove.

leaf dragon backsplash

The backsplash on a stove can tell stories and some Gothic backsplashes are very ornate and look carved out of stone.

Even though you may have a small kitchen area, you can still embellish in a style that is uniquely Gothic. Try ceramic tiles on the floor or on the walls for a deep, dark design feature.

designs by

Or try faux stone on a full wall there for that dark, dungeon feel. The darker the better...that is your goal with Gothic design...keep it black or dark.

The kitchen windows can even be done in a sort of church or castle look with stained glass features...use curtains or not...if you use stained glass on a full window you may be able to dispense with curtains.

If you choose to use curtains, make them rich colors of muted reds, purples or follow your color scheme.

You may choose heavy or light sheers...either will suffice to make your statement. Follow your instinct here.

Bert's kitchen sink

And...What about that Gothic kitchen sink, huh?...Didn't think you'd find black? Well, I did...this happens to be Roberta's kitchen sink...

I totally forgot she had a black sink until she sent me this picture...and check out the beautiful is that?

You can find anything if you put your mind to it and it will look just great! Who knew black could look so good?

"Hey...Your Pantry Is Showing!"

I have always thought that a pantry, just off the kitchen, was the coolest thing.

Imagine, you could open the door to your pantry; which by the way has a beautiful stained glass window, and behold all the bounty you need to prepare your favorite meals.

It doesn't have to be, nor can it be, huge in your Gothic kitchen but the valuable shelf space alone will open up your kitchen to new ideas!

Imagine, just having to walk into the pantry for what you need and leave the clutter of food staples behind!

My sister has a pantry in her beautiful kitchen. The door has glass panels, which allows a quick glance at the inventory when she turns on the light.

It houses pots and pans of all kinds that she doesn't use everyday. Dry goods, paper goods, pastas, seasonings and spices, jarred foods, canned foods, name it.
Do you like to can?...What better place to store all your fabulous canned goods after preparing them?

inside pantrywindow2

She even keeps her microwave oven in there and it's the perfect place to keep your largest pots and serving trays!

The shelves are all wood with wooden brackets...the perfect place to dry spices like rosemary, thyme, basil...etc.

When you look into the pantry door, on the far wall you see a stained glass opera window that shines through to the adjacent hallway. Ingenious!

Hallway Pantry Window

This is the view, looking into the pantry, from the hallway on the other side.

The pantry used to be the downstairs bathroom long ago...they have since made many changes in their home of over 40 years. I just happen to think this was one of the best ones!

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