Gothic Cottage Style
"Is It For You?"

  • penned by AL

Gothic cottage style is one of the most unusual cottage decorating ideas.

It tends to be on the dark side but still very pleasing to the eye and believe it or not very comfortable indeed.

"What Is Gothic Anyway?"

Originally Gothic referred to the architectural style of buildings such as castles and churches, from the 12th through 18th centuries. Gothic cottages, if they did exist, were hardly noticed.

Gothic church

Gothic style buildings were very large and designed with lots of pointed arches on windows and doorways.

Screeching gargoyle

Also, very prevalent, were the beautiful glass designs, huge buttresses and plenty of gargoyles staring down from an entrance or perched high atop the building.

The Gothic Revival

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Gothic design became more common for homes.

It is what’s known as the Gothic Revival movement.

The homes were designed in the nature of the Gothic Style but still too large.

Even though some homes were labled "Cottage Style", they weren't really the definitive small house that defines the true Cottage.

The Modern Day Gothic

Oddly enough, the modern definition of Gothic refers more to the strange and unusual; supernatural and weird.

It is certainly a unique style lending to the darker aspects of design. Lots of skulls and gargoyles become part of the interior landscape.

Gargoyles themselves have been misunderstood through time. They are not evil creatures at all but were designed to oversee and protect the homestead.

My gargoyle 2

I have had my little fella perched on my mantle for far, so good.

But hang on to your hats because even the most mild mannered folks love Gothic and would relish in the idea of living in a real Gothic cottage.

Our aim is to take the Gothic design to another level and present it on a smaller scale with cheaper decorating ideas.

The Gothic Style

Generally, when working with small houses you want to keep the colors light and bright.

Gothic cottage style has deeper colors that are almost always on the dark side.

Even though the space is small; darker wall shades are used along with window treatments that tend to be room darkening.

Black satin sheet set

Bedrooms sport black, satin sheets with matching window drapes while thick, dark throw rugs carpet the floors.

These are just a few cottage decorating ideas that fit.

That's okay because it's within the scheme of things, just don't over-do.

Decorating for the comfortable cottage is fun enough but when you throw in the 'let's get weird' aspect of the Gothic cottage style, it can be a real blast!

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