"Gothic Bedrooms Can Be Very Charming, Who Knew?"

  • penned by AL

Gothic bedrooms just take your breath away as you enter so be sure to take a deep breath before hand.

With the deep rich colors of red, purple or green...and of course black...you find yourself lost in the dark, dreamy feel of luxury and you can't wait to lie down.

Perhaps your Gothic bedroom has a heavy, four poster bed surrounded by a dark, flowing canopy of velvet or lace that drapes each post with luxurious folds to the floor.

Wouldn't you love to be ensconced in a gloriously soft comforter on a thick bed topper of down?

Plush carpet below your feet for that added feeling of warmth that makes you feel like you're home.

The draperies can reflect the canopy of the bed if you like or choose something sheer.

Or try some tribal designs behind the headboard or even on the ceiling or walls.

All this and skulls too?...Hard to believe but true!

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep?

There is more to a bedroom nowadays than sleeping, for sure...

We watch T.V., read books, work on the lap top, put on make-up, do our hair, try on clothes, make love...oops!...well, do I lie?...

We live very stressful lives today and need that sanctuary to relax in...light a few candles and incense.

Pour a glass of wine and maybe, if your Gothic bedroom has a fireplace, you're in heaven now!

The peaceful atmosphere of Gothic actually calms one down; with the subdued lighting and darkness it's hard not to let go.

Did I Say Plan?

With all this activity in our bedrooms we still need to be comfortable...right? Of course...

So, like I said before...planning is key to doing it right. Whether you have someone come in or you do it yourself, you need to plan every move.

Are you going to paint the walls or paper? Paint is by far the cheapest route if you are on a budget! Plan your colors too...click here.

Then of course there is the furniture to consider...what about that T.V.?...

We all seem to have one in the bedroom and I saw a great idea for one...I posted it on our pinterest page too!

The flooring in your bedroom is important also...Gothic style dictates a more classic wooden floor covered by plush carpeting or wall to wall.

You want to be able to go barefoot and not be chilled by the floor.

There are So Many Simple Decorating Ideas &

So many Possiblilities...

"Never be Afraid to Experiment or to Do It Yourself!"

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