A Big
"Home Sweet Home"
From Country Room Designs

  • penned by AL

There is nothing more welcoming about a Country Room Design than a warm, cozy fire on a cold winter night.

Open Fireplace Burning

Many Country Cottages are designed with fireplaces and it is such a dream to decorate around them.

They are the focal point in the living room or den area, whichever you like to call it, giving off a warmth that makes friends gather together.

Let's Talk Country Room Design

Any of these rooms can be as cozy as cozy can get so let's see where this takes us...just give a click on a room and there you are...

The Country bedroom is all frills and patchwork; with a bedspread of beautiful quilting that could be a family heirloom.

It may be a four poster bed that boasts a canopy that extends down the posts in soft lace. Or perhaps just a gingham canopy that brings a smile when you walk in.

The Kitchen is all about comfort food and good smells...Old torn cookbooks line the shelf with treasured recipes of days gone by.

Pots and pans so old they tell a story...perhaps of your grandmother when she prepared foods without a cookbook...right from memory, from scratch.

The Living Room will of course have a blazing fire that warms your soul!...how comfortable indeed!

Soft, cable rugs cover the floor under your feet and hold the warmth. Heavy armed furniture made of strong wood that seems to last and last.

The Bathroom is always warm and cozy...well, maybe not always warm...but the towels are plush to match the rug and the tub can be an inviting, stand alone, claw foot with a wrap around curtain of pure cotton.

So, any ideas yet on what you may desire in your Country Cottage?...

Cottage living can be glorious when you come home to such comfort in every room.

There are So Many Simple Decorating Ideas &

So many Possiblilities...

"Never be Afraid to Experiment or to Do It Yourself!"

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