The Country Bedroom

  • penned by RF

The country bedroom is surrounded by the glory of nature inside as well as out.

Wooden beds are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Some with 4 posts and a lovely canopy.

A crocheted canopy cover is country all the way.

The easy comfortable style is welcoming and adds the feeling of security and homeyness.

Quilts and country pillows with ethnic style designs echo the country side of the country bedroom.

Brightly colored quilts give country its charm and add to this cozy sanctuary.

Throw Rugs Of All Sizes

Throw rugs and scatter rugs are perfect in a bedroom especially if you have a wood floor.

Hooked rugs come in so many beautiful and fun patterns, they give a very special touch to any room.

If you are ambitious, these rugs come in kits from Claire Murry.

I've made many of these rugs and they make a nice do it yourself project. They also come pre made and are lovely.

Native American, woven rugs will also enhance the country look.

Goodnight...Sleep Tight!

Most of all, in the country cottage bedroom, the bed is the most important thing.

Its really the center of everything. Given the size of the room the bed should be grand, for this is your place of refuge and peace, make it wonderful.

Real country means quilting and quilts. They can be some of the most wonderful creations that were ever made by man...AHEM...I mean women!

The history of quilts goes back a long way and we find that quilts made during the early 19th century were not constructed of pieced blocks but were instead whole cloth quilts.

Some antique quilts made in North America have worn-out blankets or older quilts as the internal batting layer, quilted between new layers of fabric and thereby extending the usefulness of old material.

Quilts made without any insulation or batting were referred to as summer quilts. They were not made for warmth, only to keep the chill off during cooler summer evenings.

Time marches on and has not stopped the modern day quilter one little bit, the quilts just keep getting better and better. It's a must for every country cottage for you could decorate a whole bedroom around one little quilt.

What a cozy sanctuary this will be with its soft colors and inviting appeal.

Add some softly ruffled, cotton curtains or even a solid drape as the finishing touch to a room that only needs you.

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