Before And After:
"Satisfaction Well Deserved!"

  • penned by AL

A Before and After project can be anything from fixing and refinishing a broken chair to repairing the deck in the backyard.

Let's face it...We do lot's of projects ourselves nowadays just to save money.

The cost of having someone repair or rebuild something is outrageous!

Projects we do ourselves give us such satisfaction and the payoff is grand...just think about how you will use that chair or deck and know that you did the job.

All it takes is some time and you can probably get great bargains on supplies.

There are so many before and after projects you can do in your small cottage, if you put your mind to it.

If you are trying to renovate and need help...bring it on...we may be able to give you that simple idea that will make a room fall together.

Get On With It!

Look around to see if you need to make repairs or just refinish a piece of furniture you just bought at a garage sale.

You can fill your cottage with refinished pieces alone...and those cheap decorating ideas go a long way not to mention that you can do it all yourself!

Check out this bathroom sink...This sink is one of Roberta's before and after projects in her Florida cottage. When they first got the cottage it needed some work but the counter in the bathroom was really worn.

Unfortunately, there is no before pic but you can imagine how it looked...she says the counter top was cigarette stained (you know how that looks, ugh!) and very rough with lots of scratches.

mosaic sink

Being the artistic person that she is, she simply made a plan to do something with the sink that would look nice and still be easy to clean. Well, she had some loose tiles and just went to the store to add to them so she had enough.

You can see by the pictures that the design goes in a swirling pattern. Roberta simply started at the back splash and worked her way forward, fitting in tiles where they fit but keeping to the pattern she had set.

close up miosaic sink

Look close at the mirror above the back splash and you can see her artistic talent come alive with beautiful roses painted to match the tile...

In the near future, we will have free, downloadable E-Books about this project and others.

Roberta will lay it all out for you just as she did it.

All Is Said & Done

Well, when all is said and done and your project is finished...don't you feel great? Don't you have such a sense of accomplishment that you want to run around and jump up and down?....

That's how I feel when I do a project that's really satisfying...especially if I've been putting it off for a while...

I am such a procrastinator!...Just hang in there and when you get your projects done you won't believe it!

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