"Simple & Salty "
Just What Beach Room Designs Boast

  • penned by AL

Beach room design is one of the simplest ways to decorate by using items that are usually on hand, like sea shells, rocks and stones from the sand or even driftwood washed up from the ocean.



Your imagination can run wild when picking up driftwood to use in your beach room design.

It comes in some crazy shapes and sizes and is one of the simple decorating ideas that adds such a kick!

It looks great even if you just hang it on the wall. Or you can fashion a small table with a glass top. I've even seen lamps made from driftwood!

Logan collecting 2

I have my grand daughter collect ocean treasures for me so I don't have to and she loves it!

She could walk the beach all day and search for shells and things.

It's always fun to get the kids or grand kids involved in projects and working around the house is no exception.

Painting walls, digging in the garden or just placing shells around the beach cottage for a special feel. Kids love to help so make use of them!

Have Your Way With Room Design

Close your eyes and imagine stepping into a room you wish to design...then imagine what it will look like when you open your eyes...there you go, now, take it from there.

The only way to go is to let your imagination soar and take you to your dream design.

You have to start somewhere...so pick a room:

Let's see, perhaps we can start with the bedroom. Any ideas?

From there we move to the kitchen...wow!...lots of possibility here!

Next, move on to the living room, where things get cozy and close.

Then of course the bathroom, always a fun room to decorate, especially when using the beach theme.

Just keep going, room to room and imagine the possibilities!

There are So Many Simple Decorating Ideas &

So many Possiblilities...

"Never be Afraid to Experiment or to Do It Yourself!"

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