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Bert and Aggie are what family and friends call us. But let it be known that we built this website just for you, our web friends, so that you may glean the knowledge that we are willing to share; to give you a better understanding of Handcrafting, Design and texture when decorating that wonderful cottage!

We love our own crafts also...being sisters we do a lot of things the same but on the other hand, we do a lot of things differently.  

Take for instance our crafting...

Bert loves knitting, embroidery & making her own hand cream.

Aggie likes crocheting & designing her own patterns, doll making & woodworking...Well, you get the idea.

No two people are completely alike...hence, our blogspots...check them out too, the links are to the left of the page...just click a pic!

And Yes, We Just Love Cottages Too!

When we were children; there are three of us actually, we have a brother who is the middle child, we spent a lot of time in Bear Mountain, New York, where the family had a mountain cottage.

To get to the cottage you had to turn off the main road onto a dirt road. Dad knew it right away because of the little soda shop on the corner. (They made the most fantastic egg creams!)

The cottage was the last one on the dirt road leading up the mountain. It was just a little place on stilts with the Hudson River down a big mountain, over the railroad tracks. We used to go down and swim in the Hudson. Yes, it was pretty clean then!

This is it and there's our Dad and his dog Peppy going down the stairs. Of course that was just a short while before he passed at the ripe old age of 84 yrs. (must have been all that country air!) but he still loved going up there.

Bear Mountain Cottage

The whole family loved it there and we learned to live like pioneers, well, sort of.

There was no indoor toilet, only an outhouse which was off to the right, set in the woods, behind those two big trees.

And let me tell you, on chilly nights you really had to want to venture outside! Not only was it cold but it was really scary!

You know that it was built by hand and what a job it must have been.  It was very sturdy though and it probably stands there still!

We really loved it though...as kids we had to find things to do around the cottage, so we made stuff to play with.  We would construct all sorts of things out of twigs and branches.

I remember my brother built a small cage out of twigs, to catch the little lizards that were running all over the place. They were quite abundant, but unfortunately they were too small for the wooden bars to hold them.

I also remember the great stone wall behind the cottage. It was very low and we could climb over it but it was made of the biggest rocks. I remember thinking how hard it must have been to move the rocks to make the wall. It went on quite away back, behind our cottage and separated us from the cottage next to us. We would climb on it and walk down it to the end where there was a sweet little brook.

It Was Tough Going

Like most families trying to get by in the late 50's, we came out from Brooklyn and Mom & Dad planted us on Long Island.

It was all potato fields at the time and each house in the development had a token maple tree on the front lawn.

We even had a bull or cow run across the front or back yard area on occasion. It wasn't a yard yet, just alot of dirt so no harm was ever done.

We lived in a kind of cul de sac only there was a street entrance on both ends. But we had room to play and lots of friends.

Our parents didn't have alot so vacations were unheard of. So our time spent up at Bear Mountain was really appreciated.

Fortunately for us, Dad was 13th of 13 children so we had lots of Cousins to visit all over Brooklyn and some way upstate. Mom's family was in Jersey so I guess we got to go out of state too.

All in all, when you think about it, going to visit our Cousins was a sort of vacation.

We took it as it came but our favorite was Bear Mountain!

Just A Note:

We will be writing these pages together most times but on occasion we will be writing pages for this website independently, on subjects we love or have a great knowledge of.

When we do, we will make a notation under the headline as follows: penned by: "RF" or "AL"...

"RF" being Roberta and "AL" being Agatha of course...

This way, if you have a direct question, you can contact us by name.

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