What Defines  
"The Comfortable 
Of Handcrafting & Design?

The Comfortable Cottage is dedicated to the love of Handcrafting & Design.

We want to present Cottage Styles of today and yesterday, through the Handcrafting Designs & techniques that related to their genre and defined them in the past and in the present.

Let's call them 'Crafty Cottage Styles' & 'Crafty Cottage Designs and introduce them through Handcrafting Designs & techniques that befit their character.

The Comfortable Cottage itself, is the quintessential small house that evokes a magical curiosity; exciting our spirit with a warmth and charm that stimulates creativity.

It can be a cottage you live in or work in and it is, if you are lucky enough to be crafting in one, a place of refuge that is filled with handcrafted items both decorative and useful.

A cottage that is  simple and life enhancing when designed in your own unique style.

berts backyard cottage

Follow us...from our backyard 'Comfortable Cottage of Handcrafting and Design'......on a wonderful journey of imagination, creativity, handcrafting, design and much more!!...

We'll share our designs and techniques that we've applied to our own lives in our own homes and invite you to share your own designs, handcrafted items and ideas with us. 

This is it!...our little crafting cottage, the one that also leads you home while surfing our website...where much of our crafting ideas begin and most of our crafting is done.

Home to some wonderful handcrafting, design and decorating ideas!

The Cottage Crafting Of Yesteryear

Down through time the basic shack evolved to a more liveable, modest abode consisting of one or two rooms; a hearth and just a few windows.

Not much decorating to do here, life was simple and so was the style of the comfortable cottage and what it was fashioned out of. With a serious lack of materials on hand the imaginative, creative mind blossomed.

Usually built from nature's bounty, such as thatch and mud, a small house of yesteryear could still be made quite comfortable.

wilderness cottage

Crafting by hand became an integral part of life; everything from tools to toys were handmade and people created useful items as they became necessary.

Then through their efforts and the wages of time, the cottage became a thing of dreams, steeped in history.
                                              Photo courtesy of LizardQueen

The Cottage Crafting Of Today

Well, let us say "Welcome" to The Comfortable Cottage and handcrafting of today.

Cottage decorating ideas, handcrafting and design techniques for the small house are abundant here.

We are sisters, Roberta & Agatha, dedicated to your dreams of a cozy, comfortable cottage of your own design. Filled with handcrafted items and design features created by you with our help.

Our imaginations are overflowing with tips and ideas we would love to share. Together, we offer a combined effort of over 80 years of experience and it is our wish to:

  • Teach simple design techniques & cottage decorating ideas...
  • Coach on the use of patterns and layouts...
  • Guide in the use of crafting techniques & tools...
  • Suggest on where to buy...craft stores, outlets, garage sales etc...
  • Suggest on what to buy...tools applicable to the task at hand...materials to move your project in the right    direction...
  • Coach on choice of colors and how to use them...

Time To Get Comfortable Crafting!

Leafy divide
Jen's house 2

So, put your feet up and stay a while! There is so much to partake here and we want to share it all with you. 

Just look at that handcrafted wreath on the front door of that little cottage...nothing says "Welcome" more than that!

Life can still be simple and with a little help our ideas and tips will help to inspire and empower your unique style and design.

Some of our ideas will include an eclectic array of mix and match with new and old to create that certain look that is warm and welcoming.

Handcrafting ideas for all...to make that special cottage extra comfortable!

Old English Thatched roof cottage

Whether it be yesterday or today a cottage is still basically one or two rooms, just a few windows and maybe a hearth; so glad we now have modern plumbing and heat. How wonderful is that?

Photo Courtesy of: designforhomes

We want to start your creative juices flowing to make your small house the cottage of your dreams, with handcrafted items you make yourself.

Are you Handcrafting in your  Comfortable Cottage?...
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Share in our new venture and help us to make it a SUCCESS!...

We can't wait to hear from you!

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